Master Program Evaluation with the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Toolkit

Your Ultimate Companion for Efficient and Effective Evaluation

It's Time for You to Get Training Evaluation Right

Whether you're just starting out, leading a lean learning team, or on a tight budget, this toolkit is crafted to empower your journey in program evaluation.

Unveil a world of knowledge, techniques, and customizable tools to transform your evaluation process.

Stop wondering if you are doing training evaluation right, or stopping at Levels 1 and 2 because you are not sure how to do Level 3 or even approach Level 4.
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Without Proper Evaluation, You Won't Make an Impact at Work

Show Your Value

Training, Learning and Development, etc. is always nervous they will be the first to get cut. And often they are because they fail to be able to show to the higher ups that their work IS making a difference at work. Why? Because they are not doing their part in creating the evaluation tactics to get this information.

Get Evaluation Right from
the Beginning

Another scenario we see time and time again is so often we get the request to evaluate effectiveness of our programs, but WAY after we have designed, developed, and implemented the training. Leaving us to now have to figure out how to retrofit an evaluation plan on a program that is out the gate.

Learn How the Kirkpatrick Model is Implemented Today

Maybe you are new to the industry, I bet you read somewhere about the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaluation®, but did not dive into HOW you should do this, and now you are applying to jobs that ask for experience utilizing the Kirkpatrick Model.

But Not Anymore!

The Kirkpatrick® Evaluation Toolkit is your one stop shop to begin evaluating your training program today!

What's included

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  • Introduction to Evaluation:

    Begin with a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of program evaluation, laying a solid foundation for your learning journey.
  • Kirkpatrick Model Explained:

    Explore the renowned Kirkpatrick Model in-depth, a pivotal framework in evaluation methodology.
  • Customizable Tools & Templates:

    Access a wealth of customizable tools and templates, designed to streamline your evaluation process.
  • Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles:

    Navigate through common evaluation challenges with practical, expert-backed strategies.
  • Interactive Quizzes:

    Engage with interactive quizzes to reinforce your understanding and apply your knowledge.

12 Templates Included

There are 12 customizable templates included inside the toolkit to help streamline and enhance the effectiveness of your program evaluation process, from planning stages to final reporting, ensuring you have practical and adaptable resources at every step.
  • Email Templates

  • Survey and Interview Templates

  • Performance-Based Observation Rubric

  • Required Driver Recommendations

  • Leading Indicator Samples

  • Report Template

Who is this for?

  • The enthusiastic new professional eager to get a head start.
  • The dedicated one-person team striving for efficient performance.
  • Anyone working on a budget but unwilling to compromise on quality learning.
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